Battery design of monitor

September 14, 2022
Latest company case about Battery design of monitor

The monitor is a kind of vital signs monitoring equipment, which mainly monitors the patients' health and health conditions. It is an essential medical equipment of the hospital, especially the inpatient department, which can not be powered off 24 hours a day. The backup battery designed by our company is mainly made of Bak cell, the first brand in China.
1. Design requirements:

Different from the monitoring and diagnosis instrument, the monitor must continuously monitor the physiological parameters of patients for 24 hours, detect the change trend, point out the critical situation, provide the basis for doctors to deal with emergency and carry out treatment, minimize the complications, achieve the purpose of alleviating and eliminating the disease, and at the same time, monitor and deal with the conditions before and after medication and operation. It is mainly composed of surface shell, screen, probe, module, battery and program. Under normal working condition, the current is not about 1a, and the peak value can go to 3-4A, which needs to be able to work continuously for at least 3 hours. Therefore, our company has designed a box battery for customers with the first brand BAK Battery in China. The battery is small in size, light in weight and heavy in weight. The continuous working current can reach 6-8a, and the capacity can reach 4400mAh, which can fully meet the power demand of this equipment.
2. Design scheme:

1) protection board (PCM): safety performance is usually the most concerned problem of customers. Due to the chemical characteristics of lithium battery itself, the protection board of the battery is equipped with safety measures such as overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection to ensure the safety performance of the battery in use, so as to avoid the unexpected combustion, explosion and other hazards 。

2) voltage / current management module (IC): Japanese Seiko IC, which conducts on-line and real-time monitoring of the overcharge, over discharge, over-current, short current and other functions of the electric core. Make the core work in a safe, stable and efficient range.

3) Li ion cell / ICR18650 Li ion cell (Sanyo).

4) field effect transistor (MOS): it is directly controlled by the protection chip in the circuit and plays a switching role in the charging and discharging process.

5) battery pack packaging: environmental friendly halogen-free PVC heat seal is used.

6) Schematic diagram of design scheme:


7) Design scheme PCB top level diagram:

3. Realization diagram of battery products of medical equipment monitor: