JHOTA tells you the composition of solar street lamp and the characteristics of its components

September 15, 2022
Latest company news about JHOTA tells you the composition of solar street lamp and the characteristics of its components

Shenzhen JHOTA tells you the composition of solar street lamp battery and solar street lamp and the characteristics of each component

1、 Basic composition of solar street lamp

The solar street lamp consists of the following parts:

Solar panel, solar controller, battery pack, illuminant and lamp pole.

Solar street lamp is an automatic control system, as long as the working mode of the system is set, it will work automatically. Solar street lamp is an ideal road lighting lamp. With the improvement of people's life and the continuous development of society, it will be widely use


2、 Working principle of solar street lamp

The working principle of solar street lamp is: in the daytime, under the condition of illumination, the solar panel made by the principle of photovoltaic effect absorbs the solar radiation and converts it into electric energy, which makes the solar cell produce a certain voltage, charges the battery through the microcomputer intelligent controller, and stores the electric energy in the battery. At night, when the illuminance gradually reduces to a certain value, the open circuit voltage of the solar panel decreases. When the microcomputer intelligent controller detects this voltage value, the controller instructs the battery to discharge the light-emitting body and the light-emitting body will light up. When the electric energy of the battery is consumed to a certain value, the controller instructs the battery to stop discharging the light-emitting body, and the light-emitting body does not light up.
3、 Main components of solar street lamp

Light pole and related accessories

The lamp pole is made of Q235 steel, and its internal and external surfaces are hot-dip galvanized in accordance with GB / t13912-92. The galvanizing meets the national standard of gb7003-86, and the pole surface is sprayed with special outdoor paint, with an error of & lt; 7 degrees; the welding quality meets the requirements of GB / t12469, without crack, slag inclusion, weld beading, burn through, arc pit, Zou fold and interruption. The lamp pole and solar panel fixing frame can withstand wind force of Grade 10. controller

Solar street lamp controller is generally 12V / 24V microcomputer intelligent controller. Main features of the controller:

1. The intelligent control is realized by using microprocessor and special control algorithm;

2. Over charge and over discharge protection of storage battery, anti reverse charge protection at night;

3. Battery open circuit protection, load over-voltage protection, output overload and short circuit protection, solar cell reverse connection protection;

4. It is controlled by light control or time control mode, with midnight light control and other functions;

5. With high security and reliability, the load working time can be guaranteed reliably.

Technical characteristics of gel battery

Colloidal battery is a lead-acid battery which improves the electrolyte, greatly improves the stability and life of the battery, improves the low temperature performance of the battery, improves the oxygen recombination efficiency, and reduces the water loss. Gel electrolyte can increase the battery life by more than 50% on the basis of the original battery without reducing the battery capacity.

Solar cell

The characteristics of solar cells are as follows:

1. The junction box is equipped with a bypass diode, which effectively prevents the dark spot effect from damaging the battery chip locally

2. The back of the battery module is sealed with Tedlar, which can resist moisture and seawater erosion

3. Resin encapsulated crystalline silicon technology and first-class packaging technology

4. Imported dissolving glass with high light transmittance

5. Working temperature: - 45 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃

6. Relative humidity: 0-100%

7. Resistant to maximum wind speed & gt; 200km / h

LED lamp

Technical characteristics of LED light source

1. Unique way of heat dissipation

Good heat dissipation and fluidity design can fully guarantee the heat dissipation requirements of high-power LED street lamps, so as to extend the service life.

2. Ultra light weight integrated structure design

The utility model can effectively reduce the bearing gravity of the lamp pole, reduce the wind resistance and improve the strength, so as to make it more safe and reliable.

3. Products with long service life

Its service life is more than 30000 hours, 5-8 times that of traditional lamps.

4. Others

The safety requirements of lamps shall conform to GB7000 series standards.

4、 Wires and cables

Choose cold and frost resistant wires and cables.