The capacity may be the highest in the world, and Japan's all-solid-state battery has produced a new breakthrough! Academician of your Chinese Academy of Sciences: The power density of lithium batteries is close towards the theoretical limit

July 17, 2023
Latest company news about The capacity may be the highest in the world, and Japan's all-solid-state battery has produced a new breakthrough! Academician of your Chinese Academy of Sciences: The power density of lithium batteries is close towards the theoretical limit

Japan's Tokyo Institute of Technologies has raised the capacity of all-solid-state batteries for the highest level in the world.

In accordance with Jiemian News on July 16, not too long ago, a investigation team composed of Ryoji Kanno, a distinguished professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan, has successfully improved the quick charging functionality and capacity of all-solid-state batteries. The analysis was realized by establishing new standard materials and re-studying the manufacturing process. Associated articles have been published in the American "Science" magazine. All-solid-state batteries are a new sort of battery. As opposed to other batteries, there's no liquid electrolyte, but polymers, oxides or sulfides are utilized as strong electrolytes.

Toyota recently unveiled its ambition to halve the size, price and weight of its electric automobile batteries following a breakthrough in solid-state battery technologies, according to the Economic Times. Keiji Kaita, Toyota's top battery expert, stated on July four that streamlining the production process for battery supplies will reduced the price of its next-generation technology. "For our liquid and solid-state batteries, our aim is to revolutionize the existing situation exactly where batteries are also large, also heavy, and also pricey," stated Keiji Kaita, "In terms of possible, we aim to halve all of these elements. "In addition, Ma Cheng, a professor at the University of Science and Technologies of China, has developed a new variety of solid-state electrolyte. Its comprehensive functionality is similar to that with the most sophisticated sulfide and chloride solid-state electrolytes, but the price is much less than 4% of the latter, which is appropriate for industrialization. application.

Japan's all-solid-state battery has produced a brand new breakthrough

As outlined by Jiemian News, the above-mentioned investigation of Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan has developed and created a solid electrolyte with higher ion conductivity by using high-entropy components. By rising the compositional complexity of known lithium rapidly ion conductors, the lithium ion conductivity is about two.3-3.eight occasions that of classic materials, which can shorten the battery charging time. This implies that the indicators affecting battery charging functionality might be increased by as much as 3.8 instances compared using the current standard batteries, which is at the moment the highest level in the world.
Additionally, the study group improved the manufacturing approach, plus the damaging electrode utilizes lithium metal in place of classic graphite, which increases the capacity from the constructive electrode by 1.8 occasions compared with the present one particular with regards to unit electrode region. The trial-produced all-solid-state battery features a battery capacity of greater than 20 milliamps per square centimeter of electrode, that is the highest level presently announced in the world.
Inside the existing power battery market place, liquid lithium batteries still occupy a dominant position. Sun Shigang, an academician on the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as soon as stated that the energy density of current lithium batteries is close for the theoretical limit. Previously ten years, the power density of liquid lithium batteries has elevated by 2-3 times. Compared with liquid lithium batteries, solid-state batteries possess the positive aspects of high power density, higher security and long service life, and are normally viewed as by the market to become the next-generation energy battery technologies.

In recent years, a number of new achievements in solid-state batteries have emerged within the academic community, quite a few of whom are Chinese scientists.

In line with "Guangming Daily", Professor Ma Cheng from the University of Science and Technologies of China has developed and synthesized a brand new form of solid electrolyte - lithium zirconium oxychloride. The cost is much less than 4% on the latter, that is suitable for industrial application. The study was published inside the internationally renowned academic journal Nature Communications on June 27 this year.
On the road for the industrialization of solid-state lithium batteries, Japanese organizations are a lot more aggressive. In the starting of June this year, Toyota announced the newest strategy for the commercialization of solid-state batteries. As early as 2027, Toyota will put electric automobiles equipped with solid-state batteries available, which can travel about 1,200 kilometers in much less than 10 minutes.


Toyota's solid-state battery is actually a game-changer?


In line with the Financial Connected Press, Toyota mentioned on Tuesday (July four) that it has produced a major breakthrough in solid-state battery technology that may halve the weight, volume and price of batteries, which could bring massive benefits for the advancement of electric vehicles. driving force.

The world's second-largest automaker is currently pursuing a strategy to launch electric cars with sophisticated solid-state batteries by 2025. Compared with liquid batteries, solid-state batteries have higher advantages.
Keiji Kaida, President of Toyota's Carbon Neutral R&D Center, mentioned: "Whether it can be a liquid battery or a solid-state battery, our goal is to completely change the existing predicament where batteries are as well large, also heavy, and too costly. In terms of potential in this regard, we will Aim to halve those factors.

Haitian noted that the company has developed ways to improve battery durability and believes it can now create solid-state batteries with a range of 1,200 kilometers and a charging time of ten minutes or less.
David Bailey, professor of business economics in the University of Birmingham, believes that if Toyota's claims are true, this could be a milestone moment for the future of electric autos. "Often there's some breakthrough in the prototype stage, but it is difficult to scale up production." He added, "If it is actually a real breakthrough, then it may be a disruptive change, even electric autos. The Holy Grail in the market.

According to the Monetary Instances, the company expects to start producing solid-state batteries for electric vehicles in 2027.

According to a previous report by, as early as August 2020, Toyota electric autos equipped with all-solid-state batteries have obtained licenses and started driving experiments. Toyota revealed to reporters that before 2025, Toyota's all-solid-state batteries will be mass-produced on a small scale, and they will first be installed on hybrid autos; by 2030, Toyota's all-solid-state batteries will achieve continuous and stable production.

"During the development method, we learned that the ions in the all-solid-state battery will move at higher speed inside the battery to achieve high power output. We hope that this feature might be made use of in hybrid vehicles to take advantage of the all-solid-state battery." Toyota express.

In 2021, Toyota Motor announced that by 2030, it is expected to invest 1.5 trillion yen (approximately RMB 88.12 billion) in the development of power batteries and their battery supply chain, in order to take the lead in key automotive technologies areas in the next decade , and maintain sustained competitiveness in the price of electric and hybrid automobiles.

In accordance with a report from on July four, the reporter learned from the University of Science and Technologies of China that Professor Ma Cheng of the University of Science and Technology of China has created a new form of solid-state electrolyte. Its comprehensive overall performance is similar to that on the most sophisticated sulfide and chloride solid-state electrolytes. , but the price is less than 4% in the latter, suitable for industrial application. On June 27, the achievement was published inside the internationally renowned academic journal Nature Communications.

While having a strong price advantage, the extensive overall performance of lithium zirconium oxychloride is comparable for the most sophisticated sulfide and chloride solid-state electrolytes. Experiments have proved that the all-solid-state lithium battery composed of lithium zirconium oxychloride and high-nickel ternary optimistic electrode has demonstrated excellent performance: under the condition of rapidly charging for 12 minutes, the battery nevertheless effectively cycles at room temperature for more than 2000 cycles.

In line with the researchers, lithium zirconium oxychloride can achieve overall performance comparable to that on the most advanced sulfide and chloride solid-state electrolytes in the current lowest cost, that is of great significance towards the industrialization of all-solid-state lithium batteries.