Opinions on the price and quality of household energy storage products

October 31, 2022
Latest company news about Opinions on the price and quality of household energy storage products

Recently, we often receive customers' questions after quoting: "Why is the price of other companies 6 * *  and your price 8 * *"? When the price difference is large, how should I judge the product quality? "


At the company level, we are suppliers. But for individuals, we also have time to buy goods as consumers. So we fully understand the questions that will arise in the face of price differences.So in this news, I want to talk about the price and quality of household energy storage products.


First of all, household energy storage batteries are made of square cells. For square batteries, based on our more than ten years of experience in the battery industry, I can tell you a truth: no pure A product will have a unit price lower than 0.9/wh. It's easy to verify my words: you can try to contact the original factory of CATL or BYD (it must be the original factory, not the retailer on Alibaba), so that you can know whether my words are true. After all, CATL and BYD are benchmark enterprises in the box battery industry, and their prices will be of great reference value.


The raw material of the square battery is lithium iron phosphate. Two years ago, lithium iron phosphate was 40000~50000 yuan per ton, but now it is several hundred thousand yuan per ton. For example, the bread you usually eat is made of flour. But if the price of flour rises, how can you eat the same bread at the same price?


As for why the price difference between suppliers is so big: we produce 6600 RMB batteries, which are pure A-grade products in terms of performance. But if you want to make 4000RMB batteries, or even 2000RMB batteries, we can do it. This is the price difference caused by batteries of different grades. But in fact, our company never produces batteries for products C and below. We have our own business philosophy, and we disdain to make bad products.


The rise of the new energy vehicle industry is the reason for the square battery, but at the same time, the whole industry is very chaotic. As a manufacturer, we are well aware of the quality situation in the market, and some batteries for disassembly emerge in endlessly. Some disassembled batteries are brand new, and the price of such batteries is even more expensive than B batteries, while some disassembled batteries are automotive batteries that have been used for many years, and the battery quality cannot be guaranteed.


In fact, perhaps some enterprises have entered the lithium battery industry for less than 5 years. How can they say with certainty that the warranty period is 5 years and 8 years? And how can they guarantee that, five or eight years later, when customers encounter problems, their companies will still exist?


JHOTA's corporate philosophy is not to lose a customer due to quality problems. If we lose customers due to quality problems, we will lose customers forever. I agree with your company's development philosophy. Now is the best time to sell energy storage batteries. There is a Chinese proverb: "Eggs cannot be put in the same basket", which means that you should be aware of risks in everything you do. At the beginning of a new project, I felt that if there were more choices, there would be more insurance. I can't tell you how our quality is just based on dialogue, but I believe that practice gives us true knowledge.


I hope you can give JHOTA a chance to start the sample order, and also hope that we can reach a friendly and mutual trust long-term cooperation.