The 15th Qidong Hardware Tool Exhibition

September 15, 2022
Latest company news about The 15th Qidong Hardware Tool Exhibition

Our company participated in the 15th Qidong hardware tool Expo from February 4 to 6, 2014.
The company's main products are rechargeable electric tool batteries. The models of this exhibition include more than 10 international best-selling brand electric tool batteries such as Motian bl1830, bl1430, Hitachi bsl1830, bsl1430, Bosch 18v3ah and 14.4v3ah, as well as the corresponding chargers. As soon as the exhibition was launched, many exhibitors and merchants were attracted. It can be said that the exhibition is full of traffic and people. At the same time, during the exhibition, the company had in-depth discussions with leading enterprises in the electric tool industry such as Dongcheng, Boda and Kangping in cooperation projects and technical exchanges, and the overall achievements were quite good.
The exhibition shows the company's products, as well as the connotation of the company's brand and the strength witness of the company in the electric tool industry. This is exactly the confidence we hold. 2014 will be another colorful financial year. Looking forward to tomorrow, we are full of confidence!