What are the main parts of the lithium battery pack

September 15, 2022
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There are three main types of battery core: cylindrical 18650 battery cell, soft-pack polymer battery cell and square lithium shell battery cell.



In terms of consistency and stability, the cylindrical shape is better than the polymer and the square aluminum shell, especially the 18650 series. The 2000MAH and 2200MAH of this series are representative. It can be proud to say that after decades of development of lithium batteries, cylindrical technology research and development and quality control have been very mature. As far as the 2000MAH and 2200MAH models under the cylindrical 18650 series are concerned, the top domestic brands BAK, LISEN and HYB can completely compete with international brands such as Sanyo, Samsung, LG contends. So everyone can't always stay in the concept that imported lithium batteries are better than domestic lithium batteries! China in the 21st century is a great transformative China. All industries are striving for survival and development in fierce competition. Naturally, it is a leapfrog development. Aircraft, artillery, and aircraft carriers are all done by the Chinese. Is it possible that a lithium battery cannot be used by the Chinese? So the majority of consumers must have confidence in our Chinese manufacturing? Many industries have been made in China and have been created in China. Lithium batteries are just such an industry.

As far as safety is concerned, soft-coated polymer is better, which is its biggest advantage. The cylindrical lithium battery has a steel shell with a volume bin, so the space for releasing pressure is smaller. The polymer is a soft bag, and its pressure-releasing space is relatively large, so the big safety hazard explosion can be absolutely controlled. "Sai Weng loses the horse, knows no good fortune" tells us the same reason, the pros and cons of the same. Because the soft pack has a large release pressure space, the volume compartment of the same model polymer battery has a large space, and in the process of discharging, the variability error is also large because of the soft pack. As a result, it will be weaker than cylindrical lithium batteries in terms of stability and consistency. We have to be proud of our excellence, but at the same time we have to humbly accept our shortcomings. In terms of polymers, there is indeed a certain gap compared with Sanyo in Japan, Panasonic and Samsung in South Korea. But it’s okay, as long as you know how to choose the same. Single and two are used by our Chinese. If it is a large battery pack, it is still guaranteed to use a small Japanese Sanyo. So here we call on my fellow brothers and sisters, especially our scientific researchers. Keep your head down and work hard, the relay game of "Made in China" will be the most sacred one! I think I am full of passion, I am proud!

The part of the protection board mainly depends on the compatibility of the scheme design and the product and whether the supplier's production execution is in place! The main IC and MOS parts can be designated international high-end brands. The manufacturer can control it in place!