What are the main measures for quality control of finished battery packs

September 15, 2022
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First: Cell selection. If it is a single, two, or three relatively small battery packs, cylindrical 18650, 14650 and other series of batteries and polymers can be considered. If it is to make four to five to a dozen of these medium-sized lithium battery packs, Jianyi uses some conventional high-end positioning cylindrical lithium batteries. If it is a polymer, choose Sanyo and Samsung top-pole batteries to do it. . If there are more large battery packs, it is best to choose only cylindrical lithium batteries, and choose top brands such as Sanyo and Samsung, or choose lithium iron phosphate batteries. This is guaranteed!

Second: pairing. Whether it is a cylindrical lithium battery, a polymer lithium battery, or a lithium iron phosphate battery, the three major performance indicators of voltage, internal resistance, and capacity need to be finely matched. The specific data standard depends on the product. Generally, the voltage is 3-5 millivolts, the capacity is 10-15MAH, and the internal resistance is 5-8 milliohms. Cylindrical 18650 batteries are relatively better, especially soft-packed polymer batteries because of their relatively poor balance. Be especially strict when pairing.

Third, the production process. This piece is mainly based on the work flow. Special attention must be paid to the insulation must be handled well, and the semi-finished product price segment needs to be tested once.

Fourth, aging test. Lithium battery components need to be tested in an aging cabinet. The aging is mainly to simulate the normal use of charge and discharge. The aging standards are also based on industry characteristics (different industries also have certain differences, such as medical equipment batteries, power tool batteries, industrial instrument testing batteries, electric bicycle batteries, lighting lamps batteries, POS machine batteries, UPS energy storage batteries, etc., also have their own The characteristics) and the characteristics of the battery pack itself. After the aging is over, you can do a finished product test again when shipping, mainly measuring the appearance, size, voltage, and internal resistance.