What is the future development direction of the battery industry

September 15, 2022
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Part of the battery material itself is a highly polluting industry. So naturally some batteries are not environmentally friendly. For example, lead-acid batteries, NICD batteries, etc. are all polluting batteries, especially lead-acid batteries are poisonous, bulky, and heavy, and the working platform is low and single The battery voltage is only 2V, and the nickel-chromium battery is only 1.2V. In 2007, the country had a clear policy that did not allow the production of lead-acid batteries. In 2009, there were regulations that did not allow the sale of lead-acid batteries. It was just a speech due to various comprehensive reasons, and it has not been completely eliminated. Sales. It can be seen that lead-acid batteries will be eliminated, but it is only a matter of time. Ni-Cr batteries are not environmentally friendly, the platform is low, and the capacity is low, so sooner or later they will be eliminated from the market

Alkaline batteries and P-shaped batteries in dry batteries are not a problem in terms of environmental protection. But after all, the working platform is low, and the voltage of a single battery can only reach 1.5V, and the capacity cannot be increased. The most important thing is that it cannot be reused. But because its price is very economical and it is more suitable for gifts and daily consumer goods, there will be a market in the long run, but it will not become the mainstream.

Lithium batteries are environmentally friendly, efficient and energy-saving. The working platform is also relatively high, a single battery can be 3.7V, and the capacity can be made relatively high, the single battery capacity is as high as 3000MAH. At the same time, the size is small and the weight is light. It belongs to the new energy industry, so it will inevitably be the mainstream of the future development of the battery industry. The increase in the market and product innovation in recent years are the best proof.

Therefore, when customers develop new products, they can consider lithium batteries more when choosing batteries. Choosing lithium batteries means choosing the future. Jinghongtai is an excellent developer of lithium battery application solutions, as our ad slogan said: "Energy, release, Jinghongtai"

Friends, I hope you can make the most wise choice at the right time!